Fisherhaven Lagoon

Fisherhaven Trail

If longer, more strenuous trails excite you, then this 30km hack to Botriver lagoon and back is for you. On a good day riders might encounter the Wild horses wading in the lagoon or grazing in the swamps surrounding Fisherhaven. A lot of trotting and cantering is on the menu, so fill your craving on this delightful beaten track. Ride starts 8:00. Bring along snacks. Water will be provided. There are two pitstops - one at the Fisherhaven dam and another at the Fisherhaven boat launching site (Public toilets available). Experienced riders only!

Duration: +/- 5 hours (Pre-ride instruction 15min and trail +/- 4.5 hours)

Cost: R1200 / person (minimum 2, maximum 6 riders)